Zinaida Semenovna

In November 2017 Zinaida Semenovna came to our dental clinic with complaints of problem teeth. Having done full examination the diagnosis had been made -  partial adentia. We faced the task of restoring the chewing and aesthetic functions of the teeth in the most effective and affordable manner. It was decided to install the implants in place of missing teeth with subsequent prosthetics. Teeth restoration was necessary both on the top, and on the bottom jaws. Because of a deficiency of bone tissue, the interventions were carried out step by step. While the upper jaw was growing bone tissue (sinus lifting), implants were embedded on the lower jaw. As a result, 9 two-stage (classical) implants were installed. In the smile zone, the prosthetics had been made using metal-free zirconium crowns. The chewing group of teeth was done using cermet crowns. It took a little less than a year to do all the necessary procedures. We thank Zinaida Semenovna for the kind words she addressed to us.


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