Surely, you have repeatedly seen people with perfect smiles (like the smiles of Hollywood’s stars). And you didn’t even realize that all these people are grateful not to the nature and heredity, but to modern dentistry. For reference: 80% of people on earth do not have the perfect smile, but it can be obtained by visiting dental clinic Stomika. Veneers are the secret of a Hollywood smile. Veneers are special caps made of durable wear-resistant composite materials or ceramics, which are mounted on pre-prepared (ground) teeth. Veneers are installed on the teeth in the smile zone with the help of a special dental cement. Molars (chewing teeth) are usually not processed.

The primary consultation and the future smile option can be obtained remotely by sending us a close-up photo where you smile. Using digital technologies, our specialist will create a prototype and show it to you.

Veneers are made in our own dental laboratory without the involvement of third parties. It positively affects the manufacturing time, quality and price.

The cost of a single composite veneer in our dental clinic is € 130, and a porcelain veneer is € 255.

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