Basal implantation

What is basal implantation?

Basal implantation is a dental procedure that allows you to restore a series of teeth in a minimum period of time. Specialists around the world actively use it. Basal implantation in Minsk (Belarus) is practiced by only a few dental clinics that have all necessary conditions and qualified specialists for this.

Basal implantation in Stomika

The rich experience of the dentist is the guarantor of successful implant survival!

Basal implantation has been practiced for a long time in our clinic. During this time, our specialists have performed over 1000 successful operations. We have taken into account the nuances and subtleties of this implantation methodology. Therefore, we guarantee a high quality procedure.

An integrated approach in our dental clinic allows the patient not to worry about accommodation and transfer. The Stomika’s logistics department takes care of it.

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Stages of basal implantation

  1. Consultation and planning

Consultation in our dental clinic is absolutely free of charge. The initial consultation can be carried out remotely - online. It is convenient if you live in another city or country and you do not have the opportunity to visit our dental clinic. At this stage, the dentists of our center will examine the 3D images of your jaw and your medical tests, make a detailed treatment plan and give you the final cost of the procedure.

  1. Implant installation

With a slit or no incision, a hole is made where the implant will be inserted by puncturing the gum. The hole in the jaw is adjusted to the required size with the drills of different diameters. The titanium pin (implant) is securely fixed into the formed hole using the implant driver. The procedure takes minimum time. It is carried out under anesthesia. The patient does not feel pain and discomfort.

  1. Taking out the molds of the future teeth and preparing the frame of the prosthesis

Having installed the implants, the orthopedic dentist makes casts of the future teeth - crowns. For the next two or three days, the dental technician in the dental laboratory molds a solid frame on which the crowns will be attached and which will be fixed to previously installed implants. All the crowns and the frame manufacturing steps are carried out in our own dental laboratory. This reduces the time of basal implantation to the absolute minimum.

  1. Crowns manufacturing

Temporary acrylic crowns are made of a durable material called acrylic. The color and the shape of the crowns is determined based on individual patient’s data and preferences. Made up acrylic crowns are mounted on the dental frame. Then they are fitted and adjusted.

  1. Fixing the frame with crowns on implants

The final stage is fixing the frame with acrylic crowns on the implants. The prosthesis is being firmly fixed using a special dental cement. The frame of the prosthesis is made of special alloys. It is very light. It does not exert pressure on the basal implants and reliably holds them. This contributes to the unimpeded engraftment of implants.

Online consultation

Free consultation regarding basal implantation

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