All-on-6 is an advanced technique proposed by leading implantation and dental prosthetics experts. The All-on-6 technology has extremely positive reviews from both dentists and patients all over the world. The indication for All-on-6 is adentia, the complete absence of teeth in the mouth. We want to note that the All-on-6 technology is possible even with bone tissue atrophy. Jawbone atrophy starts to progress immediately after the tooth root extraction. Therefore, we strongly recommend to use a basal or classical implantation service after surgical tooth extraction in order to avoid the costly procedure for building bone tissue called sinus lift.  

6 titanium implants are inserted in the patient’s jaw at a certain angle so that the load on them and the jaw are evenly distributed. Then a bridge prosthesis is securely fastened on the frame of the implants. For immediate temporary load, crowns are made of lightweight and durable material called acrylic. Hospitalization of the patient after the procedure is not required. Chewing function and smile aesthetics are achieved in just 5-8 days. For the permanent load after the final implants’ engraftment, the following materials are used: 

  • Ceramics
  • Metal-ceramics
  • Zirconium

All-on-6 implantation is applied at the patient’s request and the doctor's recommendation. 

In our dental clinic Stomika (in Belarus), you can get an absolutely free consultation, treatment plan and the final implantation cost calculation for All-on-6 implantation technology. To do this, you need to send us a 3D X-ray of the jaw.


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Stomika’s patients are people from different countries of Europe and the USA. The reason for this is that the All-on-6 implantation in Stomika dental clinic in Belarus (Minsk) is performed by qualified doctors with rich experience. The cost in our dental clinic is lower by more than 5 times. Besides, our logistics department takes care of accommodation and transfer arrangements during the treatment.

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