Alena Spiridovich

ALENA SPIRIDOVICH, a master of ceremonies of the International Festival of Arts «Slavianski Bazaar» shares her emotions.

Recently our dental clinic was visited by a well-known TV presenter, a master of ceremonies of the «Slavianski Bazar» Spiridovich Alena.

She has shared her impressions about our dental clinic.

Let’s have a look at the video reply.

Since childhood most of us are а little bit afraid of dentists and do not consider a visit to a dentist being any kind of pleasure. I'm not an exception. But we are all adults and we understand that we can not avoid visiting a dentist at least twice a year.  And it’s very important to find that very clinic where you’ll feel comfortable and safe, where you keep within your budget. And it’s even more important to find the professional you trust because it’s the matter not only about your physical health. It might sound trivial but it’s the matter of your smile which shows the level of your inner comfort.

My friends advised me to visit the dental clinic Stomika which is situated at 88A, Rafieva str. in Minsk.

And I came here just to have a consultation but frankly speaking I came here to investigate. I must say that I really liked what I saw and felt. And I won’t spend time telling you about it. Just try to do as I did! Simply сall and   make an appointment. 88A Rafieva str., Minsk, dental clinic Stomika. And then it’s up to you to decide what will be the smile of your tomorrow. Personally I just want to express gratitude to those who had helped me. And hopefully they’ll keep helping me in the future.


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